About Us


Clients can use Risktrac’s online portal as a gateway to access their own customised legal incident management frameworks, incorporating their own forms, workflows, assigned tasks, controls, risk ratings, assessments and reporting formats.

Effective legal risk management involves the development of appropriate strategies to pro-actively manage legal incidents. Risktrac effectively manages these risks in your organisation by providing legal teams, risk and compliance officers with real-time access to performance and legal compliance reports. Using mobile technology, officers or employees can enter relevant data directly into any online device, and avoid time consuming written data entry and the associated potential for human error. 

Risktrac’s incident reporting capabilities provide transparency to the organisations actual legal risk profile. By enabling clients to report on all logged legal incidents and risks by area of law and type of risk, a clearer picture of the organisations Risk Profile can be achieved. This information can inform the on-going refinement of their Risk Management processes.

Risktrac is made by The Safetrac Group, who has worked in the compliance space for the last 12 years and has delivered solutions to many of Australia’s largest organisations.  The Safetrac Group is wholly owned by Minter Ellison lawyers.