Customised Risk Management Processes

Risktrac can be customised to suit your individual business requirements. We understand that each organisation has a different process for responding to different legal incidents and risk management issues – therefore Risktrac will work alongside your organisation to produce a customised risk management process that will best suit your requirements.

Above and beyond our capabilities to manage your legal incidents and risks, Risktrac’s technology can also be customised to manage other related, legal and risk management and obligation specific tasks. For example:

  • Gift Registers with Approvals
  • Risk Registers
  • Hazardous Materials Registers & Approvals
  • First Aid
  • Workcover \ Claims Management
  • Forms Management
  • Inspections
  • Events \ Training
  • Contractor Registration and Risk Management


Working with you, Risktrac determine your requirements.


We take those requirements, and design your bespoke workflow.

Test and Build

We deliver a testable version, take on feedback, and refine the solution.


We train your administrators and core staff on their use of Risktrac.


Risktrac is ready to change the way you manage legal incidents and risks.