Legal Incidents

In house legal teams are challenged daily with competing requests from all areas of the organisations, with each request having potentially different priorities, urgency and a legal risks and penalties. Risktrac provides a platform for streamlining these competing requests, prioritising them based on degree of risk or urgency, and managing a legal incident workflow to ensure the legal incidents are resolved in the best way possible for the organisation.

Areas of law where Risktrac can deliver a legal incident management system and control could include:

Competition and Consumer Law – e.g. incidents relating to consumer complaints, warrantee disputes, anti-competitive conduct or a regulatory investigation.

Work Health & Safety – e.g. management of registered safety breaches or injuries, hazard resolution, or claims process management.

Privacy – e.g. requests for personal details to be updated, breaches of privacy, maintenance of a breach register, or FOI requests.

Equal Employment Opportunity – e.g. unfair dismissal claims, bullying or harassment, discriminatory action or regulatory investigation.

Bribery & Corruption – e.g. a gift register with inbuilt approvals workflow, disclosed conflicts of interest or facilitation payments.

Contracts – e.g. requests for review or amendment, breaches of contractual obligations, 

Environment – e.g. site related incidents, chemical spills, hazard management or regulatory incident reporting and compliance.

An organisation with staff trained in their legal compliance obligations has the capacity to identify legal incidents and risks earlier, and thus, respond faster and more efficiently to mitigate and reduce the potential damage from legal incidents. Risktrac is the tool by which any employee can log a legal incident, risk or hazard, anywhere at any time – in such a way as to ensure it is responded to appropriately.